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What is Asthma


Children aged 2-12 years reported higher rates of asthma (15.7%) than adults aged 16 years and over (10.1%). In males, the prevalence of asthma was highest among children aged 2-12 years; in females, prevalence was highest among young adults aged 16-24 years. Asthma is also closely linked to allergies. Most, but not all, people with asthma have allergies. Children with a family history of allergy and asthma are more likely to have asthma.

Symptoms of Asthma:

  • The most common symptoms are
  • *Cough

    *Difficulty in breathing

    *Mucus production


    The most important and distressing symptom is the breathlessness or sense of suffocation, which may be of varying intensity. Some patients may not have a cough or mucus production (expectoration) at all.

  • The symptoms of asthma may be
  • *Periodical (once in a week to once in a year)

    *Seasonal (a few weeks in a year)

    *Continuous (all throughout or most of the time)

  • The symptoms might get triggered by one or more of the following
  • *Physical exertion

    *Change in weather or temperature


    *Mental stress

    *Exposure to pollution (dust, chemical, pollen, etc.)

    *Without any apparent reason

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