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What is Frequent Colds

Frequent Colds Causes

Why do you think you or your child or someone you care for, get colds? Why do these people get colds much more than others who might have an occasional cold?

    Frequent colds results from one or more of the following causative and triggering factors:
  • 1. Genetic tendency: Most people with frequent colds have a genetic tendency. One or more of their family members may have one of the following diseases, suggestive of the genetic trait: Colds, Asthma, allergies of some kind, Tuberculosis, etc.
  • 2. Immunological factors: Low immunity leads to frequent infections such as colds. This may also be due to the genetic tendency.
  • 3. Infections: Bacterial, viral
  • 4. Allergens: Food, pollen, dust, mites, others
  • 5. Environment: Extreme cold, heat

Frequent Colds Homeopathic Remedies

Besides some of the following ingredients, the product contains Dr Shah's international Patented, Research-based, highly effective medicines.

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